Saturday, November 1, 2008

November Theme Day: Books

As theme day is book, and this is a photo blog, here is a collection of photo albums. In this day and age it is not as easy to find these in peoples homes, as most photos are now digital.
I still like to have a collection in print though, nice to look through every now and again.
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Ben said...

Good point.
I do print my digital shot time to time. Well, I have this blank calendar every year that you can stick anything you want. In my case one shot from last month. Well, it still far less print than film days.

Denton said...

Smiley faces on your album (great idea to set the mood) ... Like others most of my photo are digital ... In my case, when I print an image is now normally a large print to hang on a wall ... even those are being replaced by electronic picture frames.

Jilly said...

Now that's a different take on the theme and great for photography bloggers. Nice choice.

Jackie said...

Me too. My old photo albums are packed away for now - not enough room! But I do worry about losing all my digital prints one day!